Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kirin ichiban

Konnichiwa from Japan to the beer geeks, this is Kirin Ichiban, 4.9%R ABV. Kirin is one of the largest breweries in Japan. This is an American Pale lager and is brewed with one hundred percent malt. Kirin pours a light yellow straw color with a thing bright white head that dissipates quickly, and no lacing is left behind. I found lots of light streaming through the mug and plenty of little carbonation bubbles. The aroma of Kirin is malted with big bready and biscuit scents. There also is a slight corn/grain like aroma. But I will say that the aroma overall is a bit thin and light. The taste on Kirin is light and malty, but not a sweet type of malt, it’s more of a gain type of malt flavor. There is sort of a wet cardboard and metallic taste there that is just the tiniest bit off putting. The mouth feel is malted with corn and gains and then is very light almost boarder line watery, but none to bad. Kirin finishes nice clean, crisp and refreshing. It leaves a nice malted grain taste in your mouth that does stay just enough to be good. The aftertaste is nice with that malted flavor of gains. This beer is just the right amount of plain, not to complex or not to boring. I am giving this C. Yes there is room for improvement but I wouldn’t say that this beer should reinvent itself, just some tweaks here and there. This beer is gets a little better with some good seafood; the seafood brings out a little more of the malts used here. So try this Kirin beer and see for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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