Monday, April 1, 2013

Weeping Radish OBX Beer

Welcome, yes I know it has been a while since the last beer review. That is because I have been busy with home repairs and a vacation, but now I am back with yet another beer to review. This is a North Carolina beer, from Weeping Radish (Farmbrew, LLC) in Jarvisburg on the North Carolina outer banks way up near the Virginia state boarder. This is OBX 6.0% ABV, a Kölsch Style. This is a German warm-fermented style of beer that originated in Cologne Germany. OBX pours a gold straw like color with a one and a half finger tight white head that dissipates rather quickly, leaving a thin ring of white on the sides. This beer is not bad on lacing either. There are some nice amounts of light coming through the glass with a nice stream of carbonation bubbles racing from the bottom of the glass. The aroma is of grains and a semi-sweetness that smells a bit sticky. I also found a hint of a biscuit like scent. But the all aromas are on the lighter yet crisp side. The taste is light with a very light sweet grain taste that is refreshing and crisp. There is a very light yet faint hop character among the other taste of this OBX, but nothing extreme. I did find this to have a good carbonation bubbly feel to it that adds to the nice crisp refreshment. OBX has a nice clean, crisp, and refreshing finish, that leads into a nice mildly sweet and a light bubbly hop aftertaste. This OBX Kölsch didn’t really blow my taste buds away, but it did go over well with them.  This is a nice choice for a warmer day, and would be okay for the springtime season. So I am giving this a C+, just a hair above average by me. I wouldn’t pass this over if it were the only craft Kölsch I could have, and yes I would have OBX again, but that is hard, because it is only sold local, at the brewpub and on their website. I do recommend this to larger, pilsner, and lighter beer lovers. Don’t worry I do have more reviews coming very soon! Cheers Please enjoy responsibly!

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