Sunday, April 28, 2013

NoDa Brewing Company Imperial COCO LOCO Porter

Recently one of the local Charlotte, NC breweries started to bottle of their GABF (Great American Bees Festival) silver medal winner, a robust porter Coco Loco. But this is an Imperial version of that coming in at 9.7% ABV, and is their first every beer in a bottle.  Imperial just means that everything is ramped up. This, Coco Loco use hand roasted organic coconut, and cacao nibs. This imperial Coco Loco comes only in a 1 pint .6 ounce (22 ounce or bomber) bottle. Coco Loco pours a dark black color with a tan two finger thick head, looks very inviting. The aroma is a big roasted sweetness with underlying hints of the cacao. You do get booziness on the nose as well. The taste on the imperial Coco Loco is big roasted notes up front with some sweetness from the coconut and cacao, but just a little sweetness. You defiantly taste the 9.7% ABV, but just for a moment then you gets quick hit or the coconut layered with roasted flavors. The mouth feel is medium to almost full bodied, but not heavy or thick. Coco Loco finished sweet and roasted leading into an aftertaste of slight cacao and roasted coconut coffee. The aftertaste does linger for a bit on your tongue, but is very nice and pleasant. So I am giving this A, you could kind of taste the ABV on this one, but nothing over the top, but was just a tiny bit to much for me. Still a very enjoyable beer though. This is a well-crafted imperial porter. Coco Loco is a  great beer for their first ever bottling, even in imperial from. I would have this again! I do recommend that you try and get this. I know it only Charlotte local. It is truly wonderful and tasty stuff. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    

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