Monday, September 9, 2013

Saranac Our Pumpkin Ale

Yes it’s another pumpkin beer that you see. As we get closer and closer to October we’re seeing more and more pumpkin beers, and more pumpkin everything for that matter. I think that sometimes the other pumpkin thing gets to be a little too much, but I do like a little of it. This beer here is Saranac Our Pumpkin Ale, 5.40% ABV. Yes this is bigger than a twelve-ounce or a pint; this is 32 ounces (one quart). Some may call this a growlete and/or min growler. Saranac does make this is 12-ounce six packs as well. I picked this up at my local grocery store for two reasons, one cause the bottle was cool looking and number two; it was $3.50 for 32 ounces. This Saranac Pumpkin ale pours a deeper red/dark copper color with a nice two finger off white head that stays nicely for a short while. I could see a little amount of light coming through the glass, but not a lot, and I found some carbonation bubbles. The aroma is of nice pumpkin spice with hints of cinnamon, and I found a light yet faint nutmeg scent. The taste is more cinnamon than the aroma. There is also a nice but very light graham cracker taste that comes in super quick and goes even quicker. I also found a nice underlying nutmeg flavor that sort of fade in and out of your taste buds. You don’t get the pumpkin flavor up front, you get that more towards the back and in the finish and much more in the after taste.  The mouth feel is medium and this is not a heavy beer. Our Pumpkin Ale finishes with a nice sweet malt flavor that leads into a nice cinnamon pumpkin after taste that sick to your taste buds. I really enjoyed the after taste on this. So I am giving this B. Saranac has made nice solid and yet drinkable pumpkin ale that isn’t to in your face with pumpkin or pumpkin pie flavor. It has the right amount of pumpkin, malt and pumpkin spice to this beer. I also like to note that it’s not a heavy drinker either; it leans slightly to the middle of light to heavy. So go out and pick up some Saranac Our Pumpkin Ale and see what you think of it. I recommend that you do! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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