Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bell's Porter

I’ve always enjoyed darker beers wither they are a dunkle, Belgian dubbel, Stout, brown ale or Porter. They are some I enjoy. This dark beer is a Porter, Bell’s Porter, 5.6% ABV. Bell’s Brewery is in Com stock Michigan. I have not had much of Bell’s beer jut two others. Bell’s Porter pours a deep dark black color with a three finger beige head that stays and from great wispy lacing round the side of the glass. I found no light coming through the glass due to the dark color of this porter, and I found not very much of carbonation bubbles either. The aroma on Bell’s Porter is big with a little rich chocolate and roasted malt notes.  The taste is bold with a rich chocolate flavor that a little sweetness to it, and I did find it to have a nice amount of roasted grains. These flavors really hit you pallet. The roast flavor notes are smooth as is the rest of this Bell’s Porter. The mouth feel is medium to barley heavy. Bell’s Porter finishes smooth and rich with big roasted chocolate. The after taste is more roasted flavors with a little less chocolate and not very much bitterness. This is a smooth yet rich porter. I would definitely give this an A. This is just a simple porter style beer. I really enjoyed this and would do so again. If you haven’t tried this, Bell’s Porter then go a do so and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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