Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pike Brewing Post Alley Porter

I have not had much of The Pike Brewing Co. beer before, but I’ve seen their beers quite often at various stores. So I thought I would pick up a Pike beer and give it a review. The Pike Brewing Co. has been brewing beer since 1989 in Seattle Washington. This Pike Brewing Co. beer is Post Alley Porter, named after the entrance to their brewery. The Pike Brewery uses 2 Row Malt and Yakima Hops for this porter, and it has an IBU (International Bittering Unit) of 32. Post Alley Porter pours a thick black color with an almost two finger nougat beige head, that dissipates slowly into great tan lacing. Due to dark color of this beer I found no light coming through the glass and no carbonation bubbles either. The aroma on Post Alley Porter is rich and roasted with a nice chocolaty aroma. The taste on Post Alley Porter is big with a roasted coffee like note and bit of sweetness for a good chocolate flavor, but not overly sweet. Toward the back you get the faintest bitter flavor that doesn’t stay for very long. The mouth feel is full and rich, and does coat you mouth with all the goodness. Post Alley Porter finishes nice with a faint hint of bitterness, but is overshadowed by a roasted flavor that has a nice sweetness to it. The after taste really sticks in your mouth with a nice roasted sweet coffee like flavor. This beer, Post Alley Porter is good, so it gets an A here. The Pike Brewing Co. has really nailed what a true porter taste like. All the ingredients are well balanced with one another to make a great porter. I recommend that you try Post Alley Porter. So go out and try this Pike Brewing Co. Post Alley Porter and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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