Saturday, November 30, 2013

Newcastle Cabbie

When one thinks of Newcastle they usually think of brown ale, but this isn’t brown ale this Newcastle is a black ale, called Newcastle Cabbie, 4.2% ABV.  Newcastle Cabbie is brewed with dark malts and noble aroma hops. You’d think being black ale Newcastle Cabbie would pour that way, but Cabbie pours a deep dark brownish red almost black color with tan beige head that dissipates kind of slowly and leaves behind little traces of lacing. I found not much light through the glass nor did I see much of any carbonation bubbles due to the darkness of this ale. The aroma is of very light roasted coffee with hints of chocolate. There is some sort of a light darker fruit scent there as well. The taste on Newcastle Cabbie is light with hints of roasted malts and coffee around a faint chocolate flavor. However I didn’t find much of a light fruit taste. But as this beer warms up a bit the roasted malts and coffee like flavor becomes a bit stronger and more present. The mouth feel is light medium with a nice smooth finish that leads into a mild dark roasted coffee and semi sweet aftertaste. I went into this Newcastle Cabbie thinking it was more stout or porter like and it was way milder than that. Newcastle Cabbie gets a C+, almost getting a B- but not quite. Newcastle Cabbie is still just a C+ beer. I think if I have this again I will let it really warm up before having it. It did get better as I got the end of it and the beer was slight warmer. But I you do expect most Newcastle beer to be much milder than some others out there. Not a bad beer but just not what I was expecting it to be. I would like to have this again just to see how it is when it a bit warmer. So go out and try Newcastle Cabbie and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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