Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vielle Provision Saison DuPont

Well today is the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and I hope everyone had a great one. But here is a popular beer among beer geeks. This beer here is Saison DuPont, 6.5% ABV. Brewed at Europe’s last farmhouse breweries, in Hainaut province. This Belgian is a classic example of the Belgian Saison style. The increasingly rare specialty originated before the age of refrigeration as beer to be brewed in winter for summer drinking. But you can find this style and this beer year round. The style required a beer sturdy enough to age in the bottle but refreshing enough to be enjoyed in the warm weather. Saison DuPont pours a hazy golden yellow color with a dense three finger bright white head. I found very little amount of light streaming through the glass with some carbonation bubbles rising from the bottom. The aroma is a slight fruity bouquet with a peppery spice note. They is a slight white wine aroma to this. The taste starts of fruity with some dankness and a slight peppery spice then becomes slightly bitter and tart. The mouth feel is medium with a refreshing body with a dry and very clean finish with a dank, fruity and slightly spicy aftertaste. Saison DuPont gets a B+ from me, and I though it was just a little to heavy on the pepper like spices for my taste, but not bad.  But other than that it’s a very good beer. Yes it is refreshing and has good flavors to it. Yes I would have this again, but it not one I would hurry out and by again, but something I would pick this up soon.  So go out and try Saison DuPont and see what you think of this Belgian beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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