Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boulevard Unfiltered wheat Beer

Almost everyone that likes beer likes the Wheat beer Style. It is a widely popular style and almost all breweries worldwide beer some sort of a wheat beer. I am a big fan of wheat beers. They are one of the tastiest styles, but that is up to ones opinion. Here we have Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer, 4.4% ABV and is bottle conditioned. That means there is live yeast in the bottle, usually toward the bottom. Why is there yeast at the bottom you ask? Well that is due to a second fermentation in the bottle when a small amount of yeast is added to this beer just before packaging. Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer pours a light but hazy yellow color with a very bright almost glowing white fluffy head that stays nicely for a bit and does fade into some okay lacing.  There was the smallest amount of light streaming though with very little carbonation bubbles found. The aroma on this unfiltered wheat has a nice very light/faint banana scent, but is overshadowed by a lemon and somewhat of an orange or orange peel aroma. I did also notice a little spice note on the nose. The taste of Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer is some what similar to the aroma, you do get a nice zest of orange or orange peel (it’s kind of hard to tell one from the other) that has some light spice to it. There is a sourness going on with the orange, it isn’t a tartness, its past that and just sour and verging on bitter. I found no trace of a lemon on the taste. The mouth feel is mild to medium with a slight tingle on the tongue. Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer finishes somewhat clean with a sour bitterness, and the aftertaste isn’t very please with a bigger bitterness and traces of sour fruits. Overall I was not so pleased with Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer. I mean it’s not terrible enough to pour out. This isn’t really what you’d expect from a wheat beer. So with that said, Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer gets a C, I found it to be average and yet a turn off. I wouldn’t have this again. This just wasn’t what I like when it comes to a wheat beer. There are some many better wheat beer out there. Go try THOSE! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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