Monday, December 16, 2013

Harpoon UFO White

One very popular and widely seen style of beer is the Belgian White (wit) style. This is a wheat beer brewed coriander and orange peel, and some are unfiltered with live yeast in the bottle. Belgian Whites are easy to find, so many breweries brew them. This particular White ale is Harpoon’s UFO (Unfiltered Offering) White, 4.8% ABV. Harpoon UFO White pours a hazy yellowish color with two finger bright white head that stay for a little while and forms some decent lacing. I found very small traces of light through the glass with an average amount of carbonation bubble, this is do to the cloudy/hazy nature of this beer. The aroma on this Harpoon has a small hint of wheat gains with a big orange zesty aroma with hints of spiciness. The taste on Harpoon UFO White has a slightly sweet orange at first, and then you get a wheat grain taste that has just small hint of spiciness from the coriander.  There is also a nice carbonation feel to this beer. The mouth full is slightly full but has light to medium qualities to it. The finishes is fuller with hints of the citrusy flavors that lead into a nice sweet refreshing wheat like aftertaste with hints of citrus. Overall this is a good and well-balanced beer, so with that said Harpoon UFO White gets an A-. I do think that some Belgian whites are slightly better than this (not that is in any way a bad beer), for example Hoegaarden is at the top of my Belgian White list. The only thing wrong with Harpoon UFO White (not a big thing) is that I found it to be not a crisp as some Belgian Whites, but somewhat close. I do recommend that you go out and try Harpoon UFO White and see what you think of it.  Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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