Tuesday, May 6, 2014

George Killian's Irish Red

There are some beers that we mistakenly call craft beer when it really it isn’t. It is either not or “crafty”. Blue Moon and Shock Top are good examples of crafty beers. Crafty beer falls in between Macro and Craft. I think that crafty is not a bad thing (or bad beer). Some are good and some are not so good like most things in this world. Some of these crafty beer breweries are owned and operated by some of the bigger macro brewing companies. This here beer George Killian’s Irish Red, 4.9% ABV, a Coors brewing company, and is brewed here in the U.S. George Killian’s Irish Red pours a copper/amber color with a three finger off white thick head that dissipates at an even pace. I found there to be minimal amounts of light and nice amounts of carbonation. George Killian’s Irish Red has a nice lightly sweet malty aroma with a very faint dark fruit scent in the back. The taste is somewhat sweet and malted with light touches of a dark fruit that appears on your taste buds for only a second. The mouth feel is light to medium with a nice light sweet smooth finish that leads your taste buds to an after taste of nice caramel malts and a quick hint of some darkish fruit. Overall not a bad beer, and better that I expected it would be. I think George Killian’s Irish Red is a B. It has good qualities that shine through but just enough to make it really enjoyable. I think there isn’t much that could be done to this beer to make it better, because I think if they were to try that it would just be to much and then this beer would be worse off then When they started. If they were to do this a tiny bit it would still be at a B rating in my opinion. So go out and try George Killian’s Irish Red for yourself and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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