Saturday, August 16, 2014

Foothills Brewing IPA of the Month August (Coral)

More and more I drink IPAs the more I like them as a style. I found another Foothills IPA of the Month. This one is Foothills IPA of the Month August (Coral), 5.5% ABV and with IBU (International Bittering Unit) of 90. The last for months in the serious have been nothing less then great, so I’m thinking August might be just as good if not better. August uses Bravo and Jarrylo hops. August pours a deep orange color that is a little copper around the edges, and has a two and half finger off white fluffy head that sticks around for a while before fading into thick bubbly lacing. I found some sediment in the beer but not much, and there is not very much light coming through. I did see a little school of carbonation bubbles through the lacing. The aroma is much like a hand full of fresh hops and with a little grapefruit. August has a nice taste of slight honeydew melon that is covered with a faint piney and bigger grapefruit. But as the taste hits the back of your tongue the honeydew become more predominant and the grapefruit begins to fade slightly, as the bitterness shines though but just enough to let you know they are there and that is a an IPA.  The mouth feel is medium to almost full, and August finish with a nice touch of a fruity citrus bitterness that leads into a nice bitter grapefruit honeydew melon aftertaste with a tiny touch of a piney and some sort of a berry note. Foothills Brewing IPA of the Month August gets an A. This is a solid beer that keeps up with the previous months and doesn’t disappoint. But I don’t think this is the best so far. That would be either May or July. I would have to drink the side by side to choose the best. But August is good. I think is one has the highest IBU so far, but I never really tasted 90 IBUs, it was masked by the good flavors of this Foothills Brewing beer.  I do recommend Foothills IPA of the Moth August or any of the beers in this serious. So go out any this one or any of them! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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