Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Orlison Brewing Co. Lizzy's Red Amber Lager

I have received another Orlison Brewing Co. beer from Brewpublik (, this is they’re Amber Lager, Lizzy’s red, 5.5% ABV. Orlison Brewing Co. brews mainly lagers. So pretty all they’re beers are lager based in someway and Lizzy’s Red is no different. Lizzy’s red pours a red color with n off white three and half finger head that slowly fades into some decent lacing. The aroma is subtly sweet with a little faint cherry aroma with hints of raspberry. But this isn’t a fruity beer mind you; I am just getting fruity notes here. I also find a tiny malt scent that lingers a little. The taste is a little sweet up front with some dark cherries and a little raspberry and then a little malt flavor creep barely forward. Not what I was expecting for an amber lager but not too bad though. As this beer warms up some it becomes more of a faint cranberry juicy like flavor that is okay I guess. The mouth feel is on the lighter side of medium with a semi-sweet finish and an after taste of a cranberry juicy with a malted touch to it. Overall not what you’d find on an amber lager as I’ve said before. So I would give this C. It’s okay for the way it does taste, but not enough for me to have this again. I think this need more malted sweetness but not too much to help with the fruity characters here. The fruit flavors weren’t bad they were okay. Does Lizzy’s Red make me not want to try more or Orlison Brewing Company’s beer? No it doesn’t, the flavors I did find where okay, in the middle if you will and it was bland. I usually like a red lager, they aren’t my favorite but I like them just fine. But this was a little bit of a miss. So I hope the next Orlison Brewing Co. beer is not so average. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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