Monday, January 25, 2016

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Über Pils

One of the most common styles of beer, Pilsner is of German and Czech heritage, but originated in the town of Plzen. It is a quite popular around the world but is second in popularity to the Lager. Heavy Seas, which is operated by Clipper City Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland. They brew Small Craft Warning Über Pils, 7.0% ABV, which is an imperial Pilsner. This is just a stronger Pilsner beer. Small Craft pour a golden amber color with a two finger bright white head that is quick to fade into a very thin halo of tiny bubbles. The aroma is of malted crackers and subtle biscuit notes. But I also found there to be a bit of a metallic scent as well that was displeasing to say the least. The flavor was a touch too boozy with a cracker malt flavor and a sharp but subtle metallic flavor that is not what you want to taste in a beer. The mouth feel is medium with a sharp jarring finish that is almost bitter a little rough going down and the aftertaste is medicinal and fake. I did not like this one, so getting a D from me. It was not crisp at all and a lot of the flavors where to sharp and the malts did not really balance out the alcoholic booze even though it’s only 7.0% ABV which is not a high ABV for a beer but is on the higher side for a Pilsner. It should have been smoother in my opinion. Everything about this beer is too much sharp flavors and to bland all at the same time. I don’t think this should be had. So don’t drink Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Über Pils. Cheers Please! Drink Responsibly!


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