Sunday, January 10, 2016

Orlison Brewing Company Euro Brown Lager Brünette

This beer is an interesting one. It combines to different styles. It is Euro Brown Lager Brünette, 4.2% ABV from Orlison Brewing Co. in Airways Heights Washington. Lagers ferment at colder temperatures on the bottom, while ales ferment at warmer temperatures at the top. Brünette is a lager crossed with brown ale. It pours a deep amber brown color with a three finger beige head that kind of slowly fades into some decent lacing. Brünette has a nice crisp, sweet faint chocolate aroma but it’s on the lighter side. Reminds of weak coffee a little. Taste is at first is more of a lager then as this beer washer over the middle of your tongue you get more of a light brown ale flavor that is like weak coffee with a touch of sweetness. The mouth feel is hard to pinpoint but it between a light feel to a higher medium feel. While the finish is more brown ale tasting with hints of weak and faintly sweet coffee the after taste has a little faint lager crispness with big brown ale note and some little sweetness. This Brünette is a different take on this style or styles of beer but I don’t think it’s a good combo. I give Orlison Brewing Co. Euro Brown Lager Brünette a C grade. It’s not so bad but its not the best, and the lager and brown ale clash with one another and don’t really mesh well, work well or even complement each other. This beer has moments of good but not enough. I love brown ales a lot and have had my fair share of them. This isn’t a great brown ale, it’s okay and that side of it kind of takes away from much of the lager which is also okay, which makes Brünette okay. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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