Sunday, January 10, 2016

Foothills Brewing IPA of the Month December (Violet)

It is the final IPA of the Month from Foothills Brewing of 2015. It’s December (Violet), 8.7% ABV with 88 IBU.  Violet is a double IPA, which are stronger in alcohol and have a much bigger hop profile than your average IPA. Some Double or Imperial IPAs can soar past 10% ABV and tend to have much higher International Bittering Units. Violet pours a deeper shade of amber with a light beige colored four finger head that slowly fades into wonder whiffs of ropy lacing. This beer has more of a malted aroma than some of it other kin in this series. But it’s not all malted on the aroma, there is a little hop bitter scent with touches of earthy pine notes and some bits of faint grapefruit that are hidden by big alcoholic notes. The taste is not so strong with alcohol on first sip but the alcohol does become a bit stronger towards the middle of the tongue with a faint over ripe grapefruit. I found a nice earthy malted note that kind of hid the bitterness. This isn’t as hoppy or bitter as the bottle says. It really doesn’t taste like 88 IBU, but it’s close.  The mouth feel is a little on the full side but does hit a medium feel at times. Violet finishes with a little bitterness that is more hop that bitterness with a little alcoholic bite, but the after taste is malty and faintly fruited with some hints of a hop bitter flavor. Yes this is a good finish to this IPA of the month series, but this isn’t the best one I have had, so I give this finial month a B-. The stronger alcoholic notes kind of hid the other flavors in this beer, but the malt noted do come though enough not to take this beer grade any lower. I enjoyed this on a still think that Foothills IPA of the Month is a great IPA series. Now that IPA of the Month is over Foothills has now released it first beer in the new series, hop of the month. I know what it is and I will not say because I want you all to find out here when I review it, and no it isn’t an IPA. So farewell to the wonderful Foothills Brewing IPA of Month, it’s beer great! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

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