Monday, June 13, 2016

Champion Brewing Company and The Hold Steady Positive Jam Wheat Ale with Spices

Here we have a collaboration beer, but it’s not the usual collaborative beer. No it’s not! This is collaboration between Champion Brewing Company of Charlottesville Virginia and the Brooklyn, NY rock band The Hold Steady called Positive Jam Wheat Ale with Spices, 4.5% ABV. This Wheat ale is brewed with coriander and lavender. Positive Jam pours a clear bight golden color with a quarter finger white head that quickly fizzes away. The look of this beer is lackluster. The aroma is like floral ginger perfume. Not the best aroma on a beer. Taste is well off putting a bit with a lot of lavender, so much so that is like drinking old lady perfume with some floral ginger. I think that perfume is to be worn and not swallowed, and the coriander is nowhere to be found. I assume it is there but hidden be hind the huge perfumey lavender that is so pungent. The mouth feel is light and a bit sticky. The finish is bad, awful and just so not good and with an awful after taste of perfume. This Positive Jam from Champion Brewing and The Hold Steady is an F. No I will not have this ever again, because I now know how the old lady perfume smell taste like, and you should not know that so I am warning you not to try this. You will regret it for sure. I know I am! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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