Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kona Brewing Co. Castaway India Pale Ale

IPA’s or India Pale Ales are brewed pretty much by every brewery out there today and are widely popular. This style has been popular for a long time and I think will continue to be just popular for a long time. This IPA comes from Kona Brewing Co. in Kona Hawaii, and is Castaway India Pale Ale, 6.0% ABV. Castaway pours a nice pale orange color with a bright whiter tow finger head that slowly fades in to decent lacing. The aroma is a bit floral and earthy with subtle hits of citrus fruits. There is a little bitterness upfront on the taste with some nicer citrus notes in the middle of the mouth and a bigger hoppy bitter bite on the end or back of the mouth. That hoppy bitter bite is a negative toward this beer. The mouth feel is medium to light with a bitter finish that fades a bit quickly. The after taste is much like the finish. Over all not the best IPA but it somewhat okay. So I give this a C-. The bitterness on the end is a bit to bitter so that hold it back as well as the little bitterness up front. I don’t think I would rush to have this again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsible!

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