Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leinenkugels' Summer Shandy

Summer is here and in full swing! Gosh is it hot out! Well this will refresh you well! This comes to us from Chippawa Falls Wisconsin. This brew is low at 4.2% ABV. This is a nice weiss beer with nice lemonade. Very nicely done. Shandy here pours a nice yellow lemon color and is hazy and cloudy, with a bright white head. There is plenty of nice lemon zesty scent here and that pretty much it. It's has a scent that really brings summer time to your mind with that nice lemony lemonade scent. Yes there is a strong great lemonade taste to this that is crisp and lemon with a nice refreshing taste too. This is good outside beer. Go try one outside. Now the aftertaste is a bit tart and somewhat faintly sweet like lemonade and the finish is quit good on this. I think this Shandy is real nice and really good. I would have this again, but I could see this getting to to be to much lemon after a few, but not in a bad way, just to much to lemon and/or lemonade. I also see this as a summer only beer, so drink all of the Summer Shandy's you have before summer ends. I wouldn't think this would be as good for a winter beer if you have a warmer winter, not bad, just not so good as having it now. But there is a draw back or down side to this, the lemonade in this Shandy does over power the beer flavors, such as wheat malt barly and such. So it is a bit week on that side of this, but not so much that it makes it bad or undrinkable. Leinenkugel has made one good beer and I will continue to have this again and again, and so should you! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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