Saturday, July 14, 2012

RJ Rockers Son of a Peach

Oh I love peaches, this sounds good, and it is! This here is an unfiltered wheat American ale made with real good peaches. This is 5.8% abv, mild but good. RJ Rockers hales out of Sparatanburg South Carolina. Not so far from me here. SOP pours a nice cloud golden slightly hazy color with a nice white head that makes nice lacing throughout the enjoyment of this brew. Nothing really neat or so different from all of the other fruit wheat ale. This has a normale wheaty scent, crisp and clean. There is a nice citrus peach scent there too that is quit good. No suprises there, just average and yet good. The taste is wheaty followed by a nice tart yet sweet peach flavor. That is very nice, crisp, refreshing, and tasty. Finish is still peachy and less wheaty but just as good as before. I don't think this beer is something extra special or just plain special, I find this averge amoug fruity wheat beer, but good. Yeah I could sit here and tell you how many or how much peaches they put into this but that just isn't that execiting, and yes the amount of peaches does make it good, but not overly good or better than others. But there is not alot of peach beers out there on the market but some. Peaches are good for making beer with they are just the right amount of fruit flavor and sweetness to go well with malt, hops, and barly. Average yes, good yes, refreshing yes. Would I buy this again? Yes! Would I recommend this? Yes? New favorite? Not really, but I like this enough to have another. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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