Thursday, November 29, 2012

La Perle Blonde

This beer, La Perle Blonde 5.4% ABV, is a French Style craft beer, but it is brewed in Germany until the brewery is open in Alsace, France. This is a pilsner style beer brewed with Alsace’s native Strisselspalt whole hop. La Perle pours a darkish orange color with a two finger bright white bubbly head that slow to fade. There are big amounts of light coming through this one and a great amount of carbonation streaming off the bottom. The aroma on the La Perle is quite floral and slightly hoppy. Perle has both pale ale scent and a nice pilsner scent too. The taste of La Perle is first light and crisp with a nice mellow sweetness, but a nice hop note follows it. There is also a slight bitterness through out but barely. The mouth feel is light, crisp and refreshing with a nice amount of carbonation on your tongue. Perle finish clean and nice, with a hint of a nice bitter hop flavor. Perle’s after taste is like good pale ale with a hint of a pilsner, hoppy yet crisp and refreshing. This is getting a B, I have never really had a hoppy pilsner like this before, so I wasn’t expecting it to taste like it did, not that is was bad. I would have to have to have had more like this before to maybe give this a better or even the same rating. So remember to stop on into Mike’s Discount Beverage’s, 4700 Park Rd Charlotte NC 28209 and please pick Perle up! Cheers! Please enjoy Responsible!

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