Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nostradamus Belgian Brown Ale

Often good beer drinkers tend to over look the style of Brown Ale, no matter where they come from. This in particular is a Belgian Brown ale, Nostradamus, 9.0% ABV. Brasserie Caracole brews this beer, Nostradamus ale.  This Belgian pours a dark murky brown color with a one finger tan head that fades quickly in a nice little foamy ring.  I found no carbonation coming off this one, but a very tiny about light did peek though the glass. The aroma is of raisins, dark plums. There is a nice burnt sugar and tiny amounts of a malt scent as well. This really smells boozy and dark. The taste of Nostradamus is of dark fruits, such as raisins and plums with a sprinkle of brunt malty sugar.  The mouth feel is light to somewhat medium, not as thick as some brown ale can be. There is a nice slight alcoholic burn going down in the finish. The after taste is plummy and has a nice faint raisin to it. Over all not a bad brown ale, stronger than most, so I am giving this a B-.  The mouth feel was lighter than I was hoping but good, and for 9.0% ABV, not as strong on the booze flavor/feel. I enjoyed this, but this is a good sipping beer to enjoy for while or even longer. Pick up some down at Mike’s Discount Beverage, 4700 Park Rd. Charlotte NC 28209 for a bottle. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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