Friday, December 5, 2014

Newcastle Caledonian Scotch Ale

Newcastle beer is one of the most popular English beers here in the United States. Newcastle is famous for it’s Brown Ale. But for a few years now Newcastle has been brew other beer through out the season, with beers such as, Werewolf, Bombshell, Founders, winter IPA and Cabbie. But now Newcastle is Collaborating with the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh Scotland U.K. This is the first in the Collaboration Edition, Scotch Ale 6.4% ABV, and is brewed in the Caledonian brewery. Scotch Ale is a classic brew that originated in Edinburgh Scotland in the eighteen century. Newcastle Scotch Ale pours a dark red like with a brown tint to it and has a two finger creamy white head that somewhat slowly fades away. I found there to be very little amount of light coming through the glass with great amounts of carbonation bubble racing to the creamy head. The aroma upon Newcastle Scotch Ale is semi sweet with bits of toffee and some malted scents. Newcastle Scotch Ale has a little sweet taste up front that is with toffee and faint hints of some sweet malts, but then you come across faint roasted notes along with less toffee and more creamy faint bitterness that is light. The mouth feel is medium and nicely drinkable. Newcastle Scotch Ale has bit of a light bitter toffee finish and the after taste is of malt toffee sweetness and a light bitterness. Overall not really what I was expecting but not that bad, so I would say that this beer is a C+. Yes I found this average, but I think that is good because it might appeal to a wider audience and will sell better I guess, but I this is like most of Newcastle’s other beers, just average, not bad though nor is it really good. I liked it enough, but I would not rush out and buy another six-pack once this one is gone, but I would have this again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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