Saturday, February 7, 2015

Foothills Brewing IPA of the Month February 2015 Charlie the Corgi

Foothills IPA of the Month is back again for February 2015. This Foothills Brewing is Charlie, 6.5% ABV and 72 IBU. The bottle doesn’t really give exact information on what ingredients are used in this IPA. What are used according to this bottle are bold experimental hops and a unique malt bill. There aren’t any details as to what kind of hops and malts are used. Charlie pours a deep robust copper color with a three finger off white head that slowly dissipates into thick lacing. I found a somewhat nice amount of light streaming through the glass with the usual carbonation bubbles racing from the bottom to the top. The aroma is like a fruity IPA with hints of earth notes such as pine, grass and hops. The taste is big at first/up front with a hit of some sweetness that fades quickly into nice mellow grapefruit and earthy flavors with a nice amount of malts in the back to really balance this IPA out. The upfront sweetness lingers just a tad until the end. The mouth feel is medium with a nice light earthy citrus finish that leads into a nice sweet earthy grapefruit citrus aftertaste. Well Foothills Brewing did it again as always with another great IPA of the Month! Charlie gets an A. I really liked the first taste you get and the way this IPA finishes.  The malts really balance out this beer and keep it the hop profile from being to in your face. Charlie is just a delicious IPA. I would certainly have this beer again. I highly recommend Foothills IPA of the Month February 2015 Charlie. So go out and drink this one! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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