Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Off Color Brewing Surry

Dark beer isn’t seen too much during the summer time, but you might fin a few around here and there. I did find one or one found me. I have here Off Color Brewing Scurry, 5.3% ABV. This beer Scurry is another beer brought to me by Brewpublik ( Off Color Brewing is located in Chicago Illinois. Scurry is a beer brewed with honey, molasses and oats (flacked oats). Off Color also uses Pilsner malts, Dark Munich malts, Wheat Chocolate Malts, Northern Brewer hops, Hersbrucker Hops, and Strisselspalt hops. They even use some secret ingredients such as Honey Molasses and flacked oats that were mention early. Surry pours a deep black color with a tow finger head that dissipates at a normal speed and does leave behind some lacing but not great but not bad. No light came through the glass and I saw there to be no carbonation, the beer is too dark to see that. The aroma on Scurry is sweet and faintest bit roasted. The taste is at first sweet with a little honey the you get a little less sweet with a molasses but with the help of the oats still keeps a little sweetness, then towards the end/back you get more of a roasted flavor. The mouth feel is medium to slightly heavy and with a nice sweeter finish that helps an after taste of honey sweetness and faint roasted notes. Scurry sound better on the label then it actually does. So I would give this a C-. It doesn’t have any bad flavors; it just does taste as good as it sounds so that is where it looses points. All of the ingredients work well with one another. I didn’t hate Scurry; I just didn’t like it as much as I thought I was going to.  You should try Off Color Brewing Scurry just to try it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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