Monday, November 2, 2015

Abita Brewing company Bourbon Street Maple Pecan

Brown Ales are under rated by opinion and I find them to rather delicious and flavorful. Brown ales don’t have so many different types of them like other styles do like IPAs or Stouts. But Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs Louisiana has brewed something rather interesting, from their Bourbon Street series, Maple Pecan, 8.5% ABV and brewed with Pecan and Maple syrup aged 100% in Bourbon Barrels. Abita also uses Pale, Munich, biscuit and caramel malts. Maple Pecan pours a lighter brown caramel color with a three finger off white head that slowly dissipates into thin lacing. The aroma is sweet with maple syrup and hits of fresh pecans. Reminds me of a slight pecan pie almost. Now the taste is much like brown ale but with a nutty sweetness of a flavor. You really taste the maple syrup in which gives it a bit of a light creaminess that makes this beer enjoyable. The mouth feel is lighter with creaminess. Maple pecan has a nice sweet nutty finish and a nice sweet maple syrup aftertaste with a little creamy texture. This was spot on what a brown can and should be. This Abita Maple Pecan gets A+. I think that more breweries should experiment with brown ales and come up with exciting new brews. I commend that you try Abita Bourbon Street Maple Pecan. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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