Thursday, December 24, 2015

Left Hand Brewing Company Sawtooth Ale

I’m growing a liking to the ESB (Extra Special Bitter) style of beer, but I haven’t had a lot of this style. This is a more aggressive and more balanced bitter. ESBs aren’t really that bitter. The key is balance. This ESB is left Hand Brewing Company Sawtooth Ale, 5.3% ABV. Left Hand is located in Longmont Colorado on the banks of the St. Vrain River. This is yet another beer that come to me via Brewpublik ( Sawtooth pours a copper color with a big fluffy three finger head that slowly dissipates into a white halo with some nice quick dissolving lace left behind. The aroma is of faint malts with touches of a creamy scent. Smells like a real ESB from England so far. There is a tiny bit of hops there with hints of a faint cracker note. I don’t know why that faint crack is there; you’d find that more on a lager than an ESB. Anyhow the taste is a bit creamy upfront with malty flavors with hints of faint hops. The mouth feel is light with a slight hoppy finish and a creamy hop aftertaste that become a tiny bit malty as it fades away. I found this beer to be come slightly hoppier as it warms up but nothing like an IPA though. This Sawtooth Ale is good but not the best. I have had better and yet to have one as good as ESBs in the pubs in England. The little hoppy bite on the end holds this ESP back just a tiny amount. I give this a B-. I found the balance to be good but the finish to be a little off, but not so bad. Yes I would have this again maybe soon. I recommend try Left Hand Brewing Company Sawtooth Ale for yourself. Cheers! Happy Holidays!! Please enjoy responsibly!

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