Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action

Here is another one from a new to the Charlotte area brewery, Sixpoint Brewing, Sweet Action 5.2% ABV. One source says that Sweet Action is Cream Ale; while Sixpoint says it’s hard to define and that it is part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale. Well yes it is all of that but let me tell you what I think it is. Sweet Action pours a deep orangey color with a fizzy two finger white head that fizzed away rather quickly. The aroma is all sorts of things, one being a bit of a faint mild wheat, another is a little pale ale aroma that smells a little off but okay and you also will find a slight creamy scent that is all that but is enough to notice that it a creamy aroma. I did get the most faintest of hop aroma there too but I not sure if that is suppose to be like that from the brewery. The taste is well much like a faintly sweet mild IPA not what I was think it was going to be after see the label but it’s good. I like the sweet mild IPA that Sweet Action is. I was hoping for more of creamy ale than what I got. But after finishing Sweet Action, I wasn’t displeased with it. The mouth feel is medium with a nice mild hop finish and an after taste of a slightly sweet hop flavor. I thought this would turn be different than what it turned out to be. It was good but saying it is one thing and finding out it is another takes the grade down just a little to a B+. I enjoyed Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action for what it is not what it says it is. So you too should try Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action for yourself. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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