Thursday, November 3, 2016

Heavy Seas Powder Monkey

This beer, Heavy (Baltimore, Maryland) Seas Powder Monkey 4.8% ABV a pale ale is named for the young sailors who hefted bags of gunpowder to the canon aboard ships. Powder Monkey is traditional English-style pale ale. Powder Monkey pours a deep orange almost copper color with a half finger of fizzy white head than leaves the thinnest bubble halo at the top. Aroma is on the sweeter side with malts and a faint earthy note. Powder Monkey has a taste similar to the aroma with nice orange candy like semi-sweetness with a little bit of an earth flavor, and nice malt touches. The mouth feel is medium with a nice smoothness to it that flows into a smooth malted earthy finish that is somewhat sweet. The aftertaste is much like Powder Monkeys finish but with a hoppy lingering flavor around the malted notes. The last Heavy Seas beer I had, which was the first, I didn’t like very much, but this is pretty good and well balance. I think it’s a B+ beer. It’s a slight bit too sweet but just so. That doesn’t kill the beer just takes down just a bit. Heavy Seas Powder Monkey is drinkable balanced English-style Pale Ale that I would recommend and would have again. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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