Monday, February 20, 2017

Bombshell Beer Company Spell Caster Black Ale

Schwarzbier, what is Schwarzbeir? Well Schwarzbeir is black or dark ale brewed in Germany, and it literally means black beer in German. It is a light style of dark ale and is usually enjoyed in the winter and is an alternative to the usual stouts and/or porters. This Bombshell Beer Company Spell Caster Black Ale, 5.0% ABV isn’t brewed in German but rather Holly Springs North Carolina, and owned by Women, hence the name Bombshell, clever. Spell Caster Black Ale pours black with a tan/light beige two finger head that fades down to one finger then retains itself, leaving behind some little lacing trough out. The aroma is lighter with roasted notes, an ashy scent with a slight chocolate coffee faintness. The taste on Spell Caster Black Ale is light with dark roasted notes, then an some ashy notes that have a slight chocolate coffee flavor around it that is faint at best. The mouth feel is light almost medium with a smoother finish of ashy after taste that sticks to the top of your mouth. This wasn’t as good as I was hoping, but I didn’t have much hope going into it. So I give Bombshell Beer Company Spell Caster Black Ale a C-. Everything is too light with this Schwarzbier. I like the Schwarzbier for the fact that it’s light dark ale, but this Spell Caster Black Ale was too light and the ashy notes were a bit too much. I felt like I’ve had this beer before, and Spell Caster Black Ale is easily forgettable and yet easy drinking, and it’s not so bad that I would tell you to steer clear of it, no it just a little bit below average and I would turn it down if that was all that I had or some else had to offer me. But I would not seek it out to have or have again right away. This is the second beer I’ve had from the Bombshell Beer Company and another that wasn’t so great. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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