Saturday, February 18, 2017

Founders Brewing Co. Breakfast Stout

I should say good morning to you with the beer I have here, Founders Breakfast Stout, 8.3% ABV. Founders Breakfast Stout, from Grand Rapid Michigan is a stout brewed with double chocolate (bitter and imported) two types of coffee and an abundance of flaked oats.   Breakfast Stout pours a black color with a cinnamon beige four finger head and with awesome retention, it really sticks around. It leaves behind lots of good beige lacing. The aroma is like a strong dark coffee, with big bitterness and some dark chocolate bitterness as well. You don’t get anything sweet off the aroma, but there is a faint roasted note. Breakfast Stout’s taste is somewhat similar to its own aroma, there is a big coffee bitterness upfront like you’d get from a dark, strong coffee with touches of a roasted note, then you get a bit of the bitter chocolate with faint oat flavor that is barely there. The mouth feel is full with a bitter coffee flavor. The after taste is somewhat pleasant with roasted bitter chocolate and coffee notes. Overall this beer isn’t bad, but it does have the slightest of overly bitter coffee flavors. So Founders Breakfast Stout gets an A-. I don’t mind strong bitter coffee but there is such a thing as to bitter and this barely crosses that. No I don’t think Breakfast Stout is a bad beer. I enjoyed it enough and I do think that you cannot have several Breakfast Stouts; it would get to be too much. I think a pint or two is plenty. I would have this again, and if you love coffee then you should defiantly try Founders Breakfast Stout. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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