Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kona Longboard Lager

Aloha, can you feel the warm tropical breeze, can you see the hula girl dancing under a lush palm tree can you smell the topical salt in the air, can you hear the waves crashing on the beautiful topical beaches as McGarret utters three famous words BOOK 'EM DANO! Yes I just made a reference to the popular tv show Hawaii 5-0. Well it is the beer of the show, but that is not why I like this. This lager is a dortmunder style beer. Longboard is 4.6% ABV, and pours a nice golden color with a medium white head. This beer as a nice crisp clean scent of floral hops and a small bit of apples. This has a good plain hop taste with the tiniest bit of apple. Now on the after taste the hop becomes slightly stronger but nothing overwhelming or to powerful. Longboard is plain but a good kind of plain, it doesn't have and special flavors or ingredients in it. It's not overly mad with hops, extra thick, aged on some fancy woods, nor is it trying to be more like a fine liquor. That is what I love about this, it's simple yet creative and just good. Something refreshing you can drink regularly. Try it, mahalo! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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