Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LoneRider Shotgun Betty

Lets all be good gentlemen to this lady here, well she does not look like she is very lady like, with her big gun. She comes from Raleigh North Carolina. Betty is a Hefeweizen, a 5.8% abv brew, mild. She pours a nice cloudy simi deep orange color with a nice white lacy head.There is a strong wheat scent with nice malty and banana-cloves, looks and smells good, but when you taste this its not as good as it looks, a bit of a let down. I have had better Hefeweizen, of course German, but there are better American Hefeweizens too. Yes you get that nice wheat taste but it just plain and predictable. Its not excitingly flavorful. This is a bit on the dry side which I don't care for in my Hefeweizen. The after taste is also dry, wheaty yet very predictable on the boring side. It's not that this is a bad tasting beer, it just plain and predictable. Not very much flavor going on it this. I was looking forward to trying one of Loneriders beer and this was a let down. Lots of flash on the bottle and not enough substance in the bottle. I just hope that they're other beers are better so I don't end up dislike this NC brewery. I don't want that! Cheers! Please drink responsible!

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