Friday, January 13, 2012

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Ciao amante della birra! Here is Peroni a very common and is the number one Italian beer. It has been around since 1846, and now is owned by SABMiller (South African Brewers) so it is now kind of an Italiana South African American hybrid beer beverage, hmm a worldly one. Peroni does not cost much Euro in Italy, about the same as Miller or Budweiser here. I think it sliglty better than a Bud beer and about the same as Miller. Peroni has been here in the US very a long while now, about as long as Lowenbrau has. This Italian is 4.7 ABV, pours a really golden color with a bight vibrant white head. It has a plain barley smell to it, that is boring. This is beer has a intensely crisp,clean, and refreshing taste. This is very drinkable and light. After taste is clean refreshing and good. Peroni is common around the US, pretty easy to find on tap, in stores or wherever you might find beer. But when you think of Italy you don't really think of beer, like you do when you think I England, Germany or Belgium. You more commonly think of the wines. When I think of Italy I think of, yes the beer, but more so the Beauty, the cars, coffee and all the wonderful people. I will always have a love for Italy. Like Italy, Peroni is a commonly wonderful worldly beer. Arrivederci! Cheers! Please drink responsibly.

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