Monday, January 2, 2012

Ridgeway Lump Of Coal

Here is another englih beer from the Ridgeway brewery. This here is a dark holdiay Stout, 1pt .9oz and 8%ABV. Yes I know the name does not sound good or that it's contents would be either. Lump of Coal is a dark rich and almost black with a carmel brown cream head that is nice and lacy on the inside of the glass. It has a rich creamy licorice like scent. This dark brew has a light sourness to the taste but nothing overly sour, and it has a very fine licorice taste on the end. The finish is better than the start, cause at the end it becomes  one step sweeter. LOC's aftertaste is slightly hoppy and heavy, here you really taste the 8% ABV. This is not the best dark stout, but it okay. I am not fond of this to much. It was good once. I don't think it will get better if I have another. I have at better stouts, but either you like or don't like stouts, and there is on so-so when it comes to liking stouts. Well I can't say I do or do not recommend this. I can't really say why its just not great.They say a lot of cleaver things on the fancy lable to make is seem good. It is like dressing an ugly dog in a really pretty, cool and over the top outfit, at the end of the day that is still an ugly mut! D from me! Cheers!  Please drink Responsibly!

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