Sunday, January 12, 2014

Belhaven Scottish Ale

You don’t see a huge selection of beer hailing from Scotland, but there is a beer style they are called Scottish Ale, some do come from Scotland and some are from the US and other countries. They can range from light, heavy, and export. In the nineteenth century Scotland, a nomenclature, based on the now obsolete currency system, was devised in order to distinguish each. 60/- (light), 70/- (heavy), 80/- (export), 90/- to 160/- for Scotch ale. This Scottish is imported form Dunbar, East Lothian Scotland. Here we have Belhaven Scottish Ale, 5.2% ABV.  Belhaven Scottish Ale pours a copper color with alight three and half finger tan head that fades slowly into big thick lacing. The aroma is slightly nutty with a biscuit aroma. There was the faintest touch of a light toffee scent as well. The taste on Belhaven Scottish Ale is slightly sweet with a nice touch of a biscuit flavor toward the back. There is a nice malty hop flavor that produces a nice nutty flavor. The mouth feel is mild to almost medium with a nice clean finish that leads into a nice after taste of nuts slight hops and a malted light biscuit flavor. This beer was a bit surprising to me. So I would give this an A. I though this beer was not over the top on one flavor character but rather balanced with all it’s flavors Belhaven Scottish Ale offered. I would most certainly have this beer again. It was easy to drink as well. So go out and give Belhaven Scottish Ale a try and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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