Friday, January 3, 2014

Uinta Brewing Co. Yard Sale Winter Lager

During the winter months there tends to be a lot of different sub-styles of beer. A lot of style will just have the word winter in front of it, like winter porter, winter stout, the generic, winter ale, and/or winter larger. This beer falls under that, it’s Uinta Brewing Co. Yard Sale Winter Lager, 4.0% ABV. This is just an amber lager with honey and caramel. Yard Sale pours a nice amber color with a two finger light beige head that fades quickly. There are some amounts of light coming through the glass with a healthy amount of carbonation there. The aroma on Yard Sale is sweet with caramel and hints of coco like chocolate, and faint toffee. The taste is first sweet with a nice malted character and then you get a quick hit of chocolate and slight toffee with a dash of a very faint bitterness. But mostly the taste is sweet, but not overly sweet. The mouth feel is mild with a nice richness. Yard Sale has a sweet chocolate toffee like after taste that stays for a short while and fades. Over all this is a nice beer; I though it was good, nicely balanced with nice flavors. So Uinta Brewing Co. Yard Sale Winter Lager gets a B. Nothing really wrong with; it’s just a good average winter lager. I enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind have this again. Would I recommend this one? Yes, maybe. So go out and try Uinta Brewing Co. Yard Sale Winter Lager and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

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