Monday, January 27, 2014

Founders Brewing Co. Porter

The last few weeks have been some real winter weather, which has been good dark beer weather, beers that are fuller, malty, richer, and bigger. These are beers that could be and are described as ‘winter beers’. Well this beer, founders Porter, 6.5% ABV, with 45 IBUs (Intentional Bittering Units), from Grand Rapids Michigan. Founds has been brewing beer since 1997 and this one is one of their original beers. Founders Porter is and American Porter, and pours a thick black color with a barely two finger tan/beige head that stays around fairly well and leaves behind nice semi thick lacing. I found no light coming through the glass and not a lot of carbonation bubbles either. The aroma of this American Porter is big with some bits of chocolate, roasted malt notes and some coffee scents. The aroma has a nice richness to it that most pleasing. The taste on Founders Porter has a nice sweetness that is chocolaty and nicely roasted with a coffee flavor that has a pleasant bitterness around it. The bitterness doesn’t overpower the rest of the Porters flavors or take anything away from the eniter beer. Founders Porter finishes nice and sweet with hints of a roasted note and has a bittersweet after taste that is sweeter than it is bitter, but not as sweet as the first sip. There is an after taste if coffee and a slight chocolate. I found this beer to be enjoyable to drink. I would give this an A-. It was a solid American Porter, and it was well brewed, and well balanced. I also liked the fact that the ABV percent was at a decent level, 6.5% ABV makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. I found none of the flavors to be stronger or more overwhelming than another, and everything was balanced with each other. But I thought that it could’ve been just a pinch sweet to make it perfect, but that is miniscule. Founders Porter was great by me. So go out and try Founders Porter and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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