Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mikkeller Ultramate 1000

A very popular style or styles of beer is hoppy beer, which can be a Pale Ale, IPA (India Pale Ale), double IPA, hoppy Lagers, and hoppy Pilsner, just to name a few. Hoppy beers cover many different styles. Most of these styles have IBU’s listed on them. This is International Bittering Unit. This IBU measures how bitter a beer is. He is a very bitter hoppy beer, Mikkeller Ultramate 1000 (1000 IBUs), 4.9% ABV. This is a Pale Ale style beer. Mikkeller (Danish brewers) is not the usual brick and mortar brewery, they’re what you might call gipsy brewer. Mikkeller brews their beer at a different brewery. This beer Ultramate 1000 was brewed and bottled at De Proef Brouwerij, in Lochristi-Hufte, Belgium. Ultramate 1000 pours a deep orange color that is almost a copper color with a tree finger bright white head that somewhat slowly fades into light but thick lacing. I found little amounts of light peeking though the glass with an average level of carbonation. The aroma on Ultramate 1000 is huge; it has big piney/grassy resin scent with a hint of orange a pineapple. The taste is at first a huge slap of piney/grassy bitterness that sticks to your taste buds. There is an orangey taste that has a little pineapple that tags along with the orange. Overall Ultramate 1000 is a huge bitter hop bomb from start to finish. This beer has a big bitter resin finish that leads into one heck of a hoppy bitter after taste of a dank pine flavor. I found Ultramate 1000 to be way to bitter for my taste so I say that this beer gets a D-. I wouldn’t recommend that you have some other beer after this because it really destroys your taste buds. Have Ultramate 1000 by itself of after another beer. I don’t recommend Ultramate 1000 to anyone that does not like hops. It’s so very bitter. But if you’re brave enough or just curious and/or stupid then go out and try Ultramate 1000 for yourself and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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