Monday, February 10, 2014

Chestnut Brown Ale Homebrew

Thanks to former president Jimmy Carter who legalized home brewing, now anyone can make beer in their own home for their own consumption. It’s not really that hard to do in opinion. Home brewing is like cooking. I recently brewed Chestnut Brown Ale. It’s a Brooklyn Brew shop kit, and come at to 6.0% ABV. This beer takes two weeks to ferment and two week living in the bottle before enjoyment. My Chestnut Brown Ale pours a murky brown color with a huge five-finger pillow of beige like head. The head stuck around for a while. This beer came out very carbonated; as I opened the bottle it rocketed its way out shooting from the top. I think that too much honey (which was used to give it carbonation while sitting out in the bottles) was used and made high levels of carbonation. I found very little amounts of light streaming thought the glass, and found high levels of carbonation bubble racing ever so quickly from the bottom to the top. The aroma on my Chestnut Brown Ale is slightly nutty and sweet from the roasted chestnuts, and I get a little faint malted scent around nice but light dark fruit aroma that is not unlike a raisin. The taste is sweet up front followed by a nice light nuttiness that has a dark fruit taste latched onto it  (that is a raisin like flavor). The mouth feel is medium but the beer is nice and drinkable. My Chestnut Brown Ale finishes nice easy with a nice lightly malted sweet flavor that leads in to a sweet and nutty after taste that sticks around just long enough for you to enjoy it. So my first home-brew, Chestnut Brown Ale turned out good, so it gets an A here. I just think that too much honey was used giving it a little to much carbonation, so next time I brew less honey should be used. I love the fact that this Chestnut Brown Ale is an easy drinker and not overly down with the sweetness or the fact that it is too malty. This turned out to be a successful home-brew. I am pound of this Chestnut Brown Ale turned out as well as all, and myself involved in the process. Cheers! Please enjoy, and home-brew responsibly!

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