Saturday, January 4, 2014

BrewDog 5A.M. Saint iconoclastic red beer

Some beers aren’t as easy to find some place as other beer. Breweries will only produce a beer and distribute it in it’s own local market, some distribute nationwide, wither in large quantities or small. This beer is a craftbeer from Scotland, BrewDog 5A.M. Saint iconoclastic red beer, 5.0% ABV. It’s not so easy to find but it close to a hard brew to locate. 5A.M. Saint pour a deep amber/brownish red color with a one half finger of light tannish head that slowly trickles and fades in to foamy whiffs of lacing. Very little amount of light was found to be coming through the glass with little amounts of carbonation bubbles due to the color clarity of this BrewDog beer. The aroma on 5A.M. Saint is earthy with pine notes, nice citrusy grapefruit with a nice scent of biscuit and caramel notes. 5A.M. Saint’s taste is hoppy yet earthy/piney upfront, then you get a little biscuit with a touch of malt/caramel followed by a slight pineapple that is almost none existent. The mouth feel medium due to the hops but is nice. 5A.M. Saint finishes nice and hoppy with earthy citrusy grapefruit notes and has a lingering after taste of an earthy piney hoppy flavor with hints of biscuit malts. Overall 5A.M. Saint was a good surprise for my taste buds, so I would give 5A.M. Saint a just barely an A-. I enjoyed this beer, I though it was a good balance between the hops and the malts, and didn’t find on flavor to over powering the other flavors. I also like it because the hop profile wasn’t all in your face with bitter hop flavor, I mean you can have this and go on to another beer and it will not ruin the other beers flavor. So go out and try BrewDog 5A.M. Saint iconoclastic red beer and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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