Friday, April 18, 2014


Single hop IPA’s are brewed to showcase a particular type of hop and tend to have a lower International Bittering Unit or IBU than non-single hop IPA’s Mikkeller is a gypsy brewery (they don’t have a brewery of they’re own) they brew their beers in a different brewery for each of beers. Mikkeller an example of a single hop IPA that showcases the Tettnang hop. The Tettnang hop is an aroma-type cultivar, which originated in the Tettnang hop growing area of Germany as a race-land hop. It is grown in t U.S.A. in Oregon and Washington State. The original noble hope from the Tettnang region of Germany, ideal for your finest lagers and wheat beers. This limited availability hop has a fine pure aroma, that is not present in the United States grown Tettnanger. Here we have Mikkeller Tettnanger an American style India Pale Ale, 6.8% ABV and with an IBU of 38. Tettnanger is brewed and bottled by Mikkeller at De Proef Brouwerij, in Lochristi-Hufte, Belgium. Tettnanger pours a deep copper/amber-deep orange color with a thick four finger off white head that sticks around of all twelve ounces, and leaves behind big whips of thick lacing. I found tiny amounts of light though the glass, and tiny amounts of carbonation bubbles, that was do to the color, clarity and the fact that found sizeable pieces of sediment there in my glass. The aroma on Tettnanger is big with a light orange Popsicle scent and a few faint grassy like notes. The taste I got was slightly citrusy with a bit of a spice to it. And a slight tinge of bitterness, but not to strong or bitter. The mouth feel is light to medium with a spiced citrus like hop finish. The after taste is much the same as the finish but with pinch more spiced citrus orange. This only my second Mikkeller beer that I’ve had and both have been an IPA. I am not really a huge fan of IPA’s in general, I like some IPAs, but I don’t absolutely love the style. So Mikkeller Tettnanger gets a D+ from me. I found Tettnanger to have more non-IPA qualities that wouldn’t be in an IPA, and the IPA qualities that I did find weren’t so great. They just fell short. Overall Mikkeller Tettnanger just fell out on my taste buds and wasn’t so good or enjoyable. Maybe if I like IPA’s more than I do then maybe Mikkeller Tettnanger would get a slightly higher rating. But it still is a D+ beer in my opinion. So go out and see what you think of Mikkeller Tettnanger. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!    


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