Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rail House Brewery KA-BAR BROWN

Brown ales run the gambit of differences; there are many different brown types of ale out there. Brown ales can be light or dark, semi-sweet to very sweet. Some are nutty and others can be hoppy, which is an India Brown Ale (brown IPA). There are even American and English style brown ales. But brown ale is originally English steam from mild ales. Here is and American version of an English style brown ale, Ka-Bar Brown, 6.0% ABV. A Ka-Bar is a U.S. Marine issued knife. This brown ale is brewed by Rail House Brewery in Aberdeen North Carolina and is owned and brewed by veterans. Ka-Bar Brown is brewed with prominent caramel and nutty flavors. Ka-Bar Brown pours a deep dark brown almost black color with a two and half tan head that fades somewhat slowly.  I found very little light coming through the glass with large amounts of carbonation bubbler. The aroma on Ka-Bar Brown is sweet and slightly malted with a hint of chocolate. The taste is slightly less exciting than the aroma, but not necessarily a bad thing. There is a big sweetness that comes over your taste buds at first, a little too much for me but it was okay. There is also a faint chocolate flavors that are barely there, with the prominent caramel that is there. I found a bit of some malted flavors. But I didn’t really taste any nutty flavor, which is a let down. If it is marked on the label as nutty flavors then I should find nutty flavor in the taste. The mouth feel is thin (like some of the flavors). Ka-Bar Brown has nice smooth finish that leads into a sweet after taste of semi-sweet chocolate and a faint malted flavors. Overall not the best brown ale, but not the worst, so Ka-Bar Brown just barley gets a B-. I felt the beer was too thin tasting and need more body to help it out some. But it was okay. I would have this again; it’s not bad at all. So go out and try Rail House Brewery Ka-Bar Brown and see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!     

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