Sunday, February 12, 2012

Very Big German Beer, otherwise known as VBGB!

Do you like to go out and have a nice craft beer at a very nice, cool, interesting, and fun place? Well look no further that VBGB in Charlotte, NC, 920 Hamiton St Charlotte, NC 28206. This is not a bar, tavern, pub, freehouse, speakeasy, or cafe, nope it's a beer hall. This place has a normal bar and they have a neat way of keeping your beer cold, they have a long strip of simi dry ice on the bar top. VBGB also has really long, and large tables that allow to sit next to complete strangers, well after a few good beers I am sure they will no longer be a stranger. They have a good beer menu. VBGB has a neat and fun way to have a beer or two, it's called a flight of beer. That is a paddle with four different 8oz beers on it of your choice at $7.50. Yes they do serve a normal sized beer as well. The atmosphere is nice but the place inside is not so big, but they have a nice outside patio. To the right of the front door is the food window where you can get all sorts of sausages, burgers, chicken wings, pretzels, and something I recommend the potato latkes, very good, and I here the beer cheese, yes it is made with real beer (OMB Copper), is really good, I will try it soon and let you know if the staff is right. VBGB's beer menu changes from day to day to keep things fresh and interesting. Now that I have been I can say I want a few beer flight sets myself for home use. I have been wanting to go here forever and now I want to go back again. It's a lot of good fun! You should go and check it out! Cheers! Please drink resposibly!  

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