Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anchor Porter

This brewing company, Anchor is the oldest craft beer brewery in the United States, famous for its Anchor Stream beer. It’s started in 1972, by Fritz Maytag, yes that Maytag. The same name you find on the washers and driers, but he is the son of the famous namesake. This is Anchor porter 5.6% ABV, which was introduced in 1974. Anchor use 100% malted barley, generous amounts of fresh, whole hops; entirely natural carbonation. Anchor porter pours a deep and dark brown almost black color with a thick two-finger dark tan head that slowly dissipates and leaves nice amounts of lacing. I saw no light coming though the glass and was too dark to see any carbonation in there. The aroma on this porter is a big roasted almost a dark coffee like scent and slight chocolate. The taste is nice slight chocolate roasted flavor with a very faint coffee like bitterness behind that. The mouth feel has a medium feel to it, not how I was thinking it was going to be from how dark the beer looked. The finish is nice and lingers a bit with a roasted coffee that is semi-sweet. Anchor porter is a prime example of a great American porter. This is the true king of American Porters This is definitely an A+ beer.  This beer isn’t overly complex with flavors. It has the right amount of everything it needs to be a great porter. I highly recommend this to anyone, a must try. You’ll like it; it’s a good beer! Cheers Please enjoy responsibly!

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