Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Old Crafty Hen" Vintage Ale

Here we have vintage ale called “Old Crafty Hen” 6.5% ABV from the Morland brewery in Suffolk England. This beer is a blend of two beers, Old Speckled Hen and rare 5x. Old Crafty Hen is a 2009 Monde Selection Bruxelles Gold Quality Award winner. Old Craft Hen pours a nice sunset amber color with a one and a half semi-white head that dissipates quickly and leaves some thin lacing behind. There are tiny amounts of light coming though the glass and some nice carbonation bubbles as well. The aroma is a bit sweet with a little bit of caramel malts and a hint of bread. This beer does smell nice. The taste on Old Crafty Hen starts out a bit sweet with a very tiny hop like bitterness following that but overall a nice caramel sweetness. The mouth-feel is nice semi light to medium, a bit crisp, and refreshing. This been finishes nicely with a nice bready Caramel taste with a slight hint of raisin. The aftertaste of sweet bread and caramel doesn’t stay around long, but is most pleasant on your taste buds. Old Crafty Hen isn’t heavy on you stomach at all. So this is getting a B+ from me, a very solid beer not big and complex like I was thinking it was going to be, but just very good. I would recommend this to any one who drinks beer. This is a great beer. I would put this a one of my favorites. So please give this a try and see how great it is! Cheers! Please enjoy Responsibly!

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