Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shiner FM 966 Farmhouse Ale

Well here is another offering from The Shiner brewery. This is their spring seasonal beer. This is FM 966 Farmhouse ale 5.6% ABV, which is the farm to market road in Shiner Texas. FM 966 is brewed with Golding, Sterling and Meridian hops for a sweet yet spiced flavor. This beer style was brewed in the cold winter months as a seasonal provision to be enjoyed in the spring months. This spring Shiner pours a light amber color with a thin 1 finger white head that doesn’t stay long and there is a small amount of thin lacing. There is a decent amount of light coming through the glass with some good carbonation streaming from the bottom. The aroma on FM 966 is spicy with a hint of green apple, but just a tiny bit. There is a bit of pepper spice as well. The taste starts out smooth with very faint, light, and thin green apple but then spice comes right behind that. It’s a little bit like a ground pepper spice. This FM 966 finishes a bit spicy but clean with a hint of carbonation. The mouth feel is a medium feel, and the aftertaste is a bit spicy but light and stays just enough to be enjoyable. FM 966 is not overly flavorful or complex. This is a nice drinkable beer with a little pleasant spicy zing on the end. This doesn’t really blow me away like I thought it would, but it’s still a good beer. I would give this a B. Not my new favorite, but this would be something I would have again. I would recommend this beer.  This is a nice spring beer. But as Farmhouse ale goes, this is not the best one; there is much better one out there. But I still say that it is a good beer. I like this one, not my new favorite, but still a good beer. Try this if you haven’t already! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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