Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Hoppy Home Brew

Well this beer doesn’t come from any brewery foreign or domestic, it isn’t collaboration between two or three breweries. This here is a home brew that was given to be by my friend Nick. He brewed this himself at home. This is a hoppy home brew that taste like it is somewhere between 6.00% and 7.50% ABV, and is very hoppy. I am calling this Hoppy Home.  This home brew pours a deep copper almost brown color with a one-finger head that dissipated quickly. I found light coming through the glass, but I did see some carbonation bubbles in the glass. The aroma on this hoppy home brew is big with sticky hops and a small, faint grassy like note. I did find a light malty aroma there as well. The taste on this Hoppy Home is big bitter hops on the front and then there is a nice somewhat sweet malted taste that is still a little bitter. I did find a very faint grassy pine needle taste there as well but just barely. The mouth feel is medium and really does stick to your tongue. The beer finishes nice with lots of hops. The after taste is a big hoppy bitter ness that makes your tongue tingle and after a glass of this your tongue becomes a bit numb. I liked this home brew had some balance between the big hops and the malts. I am giving this a B. I would not have more than two of this. I think that you would start to loose your taste buds after a third one. But it is good just to have too. Nick did a good job on this. I didn’t find this hoppy home brew undrinkable at all. This one is a good hoppy beer! Thank you Nick! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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