Thursday, June 20, 2013

Saranac Session Ale

When it comes to a summer beer on thing I like is to have a session beer, because some drinkers will drink more of a summer style beer than something wintery and dark. This here is a slightly hoppy version of a session ale. This is Saranac Session Ale, 4.50% ABV. This ale pours a golden straw color with almost half finger white head, which fades instantly. There is lots of light coming through the glass, and you can see though this beer. I do find nice amounts of carbonation bubbles flowing nicely throughout the glass. The aroma on Session Ale is a little citrusy with grapefruit, and a very faint pine needle scent; I think that is from the hops. I am not sure but I think Citra hops are used here in this. The taste is a crisp grapefruit flavor that is not to bitter, but just bitter enough to be enjoyable. There is a nice slight hoppy note on the end but isn’t overly bitter and/or tongue numbing. I also found a tiny bit of a grassy note as well. The mouth feel is crisp with a medium to almost light feel and does finish with a little hop not, but over all finishes nice and tasty. The aftertaste is like a fresh grapefruit but does stick in you’re mouth for a little bit. Overall I’m giving this beer and A. I really like the grapefruit taste to this one really was balanced well with the hop bitterness that was just the right amount of bitterness. I could have a few of this. I mean after two or three you taste buds aren’t worn out from the extreme bitter flavor or your mouth is way to dry from the beer. It is very well balanced all around. I really recommend that you try this one and see what I mean. It is good! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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