Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saranac Rye IPA

Today in the world of beer brewers are becoming more and more creative with their many different beers. Brewers are combining styles; using new hops or new hop combinations, and many other things to brew great beers. This here is Saranac Rye IPA, 5.95% ABV, this is not such a new thing. IPA’s have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, and as for using rye has been used for a few years now, more common in an IPA style beer. This Saranac pours somewhat darker gold color with a very thin quarter finger head that fades kind of quick. There was a decent amount of light coming through the glass around a great amount of carbonation bubbles. The aroma of this Rye IPA is grassy and spicy with hints of citrus fruit, like a grapefruit or a mild orange scent. The taste of this Saranac Rye IPA is a big spicy hoppy note from the rye up front and then you get a grassy, citrusy taste of grapefruit and orange that is almost orange juice like. There is a slight pine needle flavor there as well but it faint along side the citrusy flavors.  The mouth feel is medium and coats your tongue. The finish on this Saranac rye IPA is spicy hoppy and sharp, this really works your taste buds. The after taste is hoppy with spicy hop bitterness that sticks around for a while after. Over all this is not bad, so I am giving this a B, as far rye IPA’s go this is good, but not as good as say a Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye. Saranac Rye IPA has a good balance between the rye and the hops, but I do think that is slightly over spiced but none to bad. This is an interesting IPA style and so is this beer. Cheers!

Out of all six of these Saranac beers from the twelve beers of summer,  here is how I would rank them.

6. Rye IPA
5. Pale Ale
4. White IPA
3. Wild Hop Pilsner
2. Kölsch
1. Session

I would also give this twelve pack, as a whole, B+ rating. This is a very interesting beer pack and so are the beers themselves. The Saranac brewery really does a good job of show casing different way of using hops. I do recommend this twelve pack. So go pick this up and try all these twelve beers of summer for Saranac. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!


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